About My Business


My Home, Shop, and Classroom

This is where I conduct all of my business from. I create all of my quilts and smaller works in my studio, teach my classes in my self-made classroom and show customers what they're buying in person.


My Products

I sell a multitude of products including Fabric Art, Wall-Hangings, Bed-Quilts, Custom Memory Quilts (T-Shirt Quilts), Fabric Garlands, Fabric Crowns, Journal Covers, Baby Quilts,  and Fabric Bookmarks. All of these can be found on my Etsy! For Custom Quilt orders, please contact me first and check out the Custom section at the top of the page.


My Mission

My mission is to spread the passion of quilting to my students, colleagues and customers. I create my art with the intention of satisfaction for myself and my customers. As an experienced artist, I hold myself to a standard that is clearly portrayed in my art.

About Me

My Story


Hello! My name is Janneke Van Der Ree. As you can probably tell from my quilts and my name, I was born in the Netherlands and moved here with my husband. I am the proud mother of two sons and a daughter, and the grandmother to an adorable grandson. 

My Experience


 I graduated from university with a degree in Textile and Art Design, and worked as a teacher for several years in the Netherlands. Here in the US, I teach sewing lessons, create custom quilts, do lectures, workshops, and make my own projects. I'm always trying to branch out!

My Future


Right now, I'm working with my husband and son to expand my business and speculate on future endeavors. I hope to eventually construct a venue to host quilt retreats, publish my own books, and continue to expand my studio to create more quilts for my customers.